Upcoming Events at Lake Garda Christmas Market in Canale di Tenno On Saturdays and Sundays the medieval village of Canale will host a little Christmas Market+ INFOFrom 23 November 2019 To 15 December 2019, 9.30 am > 6.30 pmTennoCanale di Tenno Dentro Leonardo Exhibition+ INFOFrom 23 November 2019 To 6 December 2019, 10am>12am - 2.30pm>6pmRiva del GardaGalleria civica "Craffonara" Lighting of Xmas lights in Torbole Lighting ceremony of the Xmas lights in Torbole, followed by a toast with Trento Doc+ INFO23 November 2019, 7 pm > 8 pmTorbole-NagoTorbole, Casa del Dazio Coro Castèl Sez. SAT Arco Choir concert+ INFO23 November 2019, 8.30 pm > 10.30 pmArcoCasinò St. Andrea Market On November, the 30th, more than 300 colorful and multifarious stalls will celebrate the patron ...+ INFO30 November 2019, 7.30 am > 6 pmRiva del GardaVie del centro Santa`s House Santa and Natalina open their house to big and small to live a daydream, an exciting experience ...+ INFOFrom 30 November 2019 To 31 December 2019, Fri/Sat 2 pm>6.30 pm / Sun 10 am>6.30 pm / December 23-24: 10am > 6.30pmRiva del GardaLa Rocca€ 7,00 Mercatino di Natale Arco - Arco Asburgica Hasbourg Court: culture, handcraft and tradition+ INFOFrom 1 December 2019 To 30 December 2019, 3.30 pm > 5.30 pmArcoPiazzale Segantini + INFO3 December 2019Arco Babbo Rock Music and entertainment+ INFO6 December 2019, 6.30 pm > 11.30 pmRiva del GardaLa Rocca, cortile interno Fireworks over the castle and olive grove A sensational pyrotechnic show + INFO7 December 2019, h: 21:15ArcoTown centre Torbole Sparkling Saturday Live music on the streets, a warm atmosphere thanks to burning braziers, accompanied by Trento ...+ INFOFrom 7 December 2019 To 4 January 2020, 3 pm > 10 pmTorbole-NagoTorbole, historical center Cherryl Porter & Hallelujah Gospel Singers Christmas Gospel Concert. Feel the Spirit!+ INFO7 December 2019Riva del GardaPalazzo dei Congressi€ 25,00 - € 20,00 Presepi Napoletani Cribs exhibition+ INFOFrom 8 December 2019 To 6 January 2020, 10.30am>12am - 3.30pm>6pm Riva del GardaEx Cinema Roma Espressionismo in pittura e scultura Exhibition by Lisetta Cesani Foletti and Caterina Rigo+ INFOFrom 8 December 2019 To 19 December 2019, 10am>12am - 2.30pm>6pmRiva del GardaGalleria civica "Craffonara" Saint Lucia arrives Saint Lucia with her donkey distributes gifts in the various localities of Garda Trentino+ INFO12 December 2019, 5 pm > 7 pmRiva del Garda - Torbole-Nago - Arco - Drena - Tenno - DroTowns of Garda Trentino St. Lucia arrival by boat Traditional St. Lucia arrival by boat from Lake Garda and treats and roasted chestnuts will be ...+ INFO12 December 2019, 5 pmTorbole-NagoPiazzetta Hans Lietzmann - Torbole Garda Trentino Xmas Trail A trail running competition along the Garda Trek route+ INFO14 December 2019, 9 am > 6 pmTorbole-NagoStarting point: Torbole, Circolo Surf Torbole Santa's House Fairy tales for children in a Christmas atmosphere+ INFOFrom 14 December 2019 To 22 December 2019, December 14,15 & 21, 3.30pm>6.30pm / December 20, 9am>6pmTorbole-NagoNago, ex scuola materna Due passi tra i Presepi - Poesie Natalizie Christmas poems+ INFO15 December 2019, h: 17:00ArcoChiesa di Bolognano A stroll among the cribs A pleasant stroll through the Village to admire more than 50 nativity scenes+ INFOFrom 15 December 2019 To 12 January 2020, 2.30pm > 8.30pmArcoLoc. Bolognano I Sensi del Natale Food & Drink, Christmas music & concerts, entertainment for children and more+ INFOFrom 21 December 2019 To 22 December 2019, sa 2 pm > 8 pm / su 11 am > 8 pmRiva del GardaCampi La notte: colore, materia e luce Exhibition+ INFOFrom 21 December 2019 To 8 January 2020, 10am>12am - 2.30pm>6pmRiva del Garda Galleria civica "Craffonara" Caminar, magnar en tant che vegn Nadal A food and wine walk through the alleys of the medieval village of Nago + INFO22 December 2019, h: 11:00Torbole-NagoNago, "info-point Piazola"For a fee Due passi tra i Presepi - Christmas concert Orchestra "I Filarmonici" di Trento+ INFO22 December 2019, h: 18:00ArcoBolognano, chiesa parrocchiale Shepherd’s parade Christmas in Tenno+ INFO24 December 2019, h: 22:00TennoCanale di Tenno, piazzetta 10° Scacchi d’Inverno International Chess Open+ INFOFrom 26 December 2019 To 30 December 2019, 9.30 am > 5 pmArcoPalace Hotel Città Christmas concert Choir concerts with Coro Castel Penede+ INFO26 December 2019, h: 21:00Torbole-NagoNago, chiesa S.Vigilio Living nativity scene Christmas in Tenno+ INFO26 December 2019, h: 14:00TennoCanale di Tenno Due passi tra i presepi - Christmas and New Year's Eve concert Trio concert+ INFO29 December 2019, h: 17:00ArcoChurch, Bolognano Concert of the Valsella choir Concert of traditional alpine songs and Christmas carols+ INFO29 December 2019, 8.30 pm > 10 pmTorbole-NagoTorbole, chiesa Santa Maria al Lago Guided tour Tra Gusto e Tradizione Guided tour at Mag Museum and local food tasting at Di Gusto in Gusto village+ INFOFrom 30 December 2019 To 2 January 2020, 2.30pm > 5.30pmRiva del GardaMeeting point: Tourist office Riva del Garda€ 10.00 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Fireworks display at midnight on the shore of the lake+ INFO31 December 2019, h: 23:50Riva del GardaPunta Lido Hop! 2020 New Year’s Eve party. An electronic dance party with a major Italian DJ.+ INFO31 December 2019, h: 21:30Riva del GardaPalameetingFor a fee The "Befana" is coming 3 days of celebration with games, music, food and entertainment. January 6 at 2.45 pm the ...+ INFOFrom 4 January 2020 To 6 January 2020, h: 10:00Riva del GardaPiazza III Novembre Waiting for Befana in Torbole Waiting for the traditional Befana arrival, who will distribute treats for children+ INFO4 January 2020, From 3 pmTorbole-NagoDowntown streets - Torbole Torbole Broccoli Festival Tastings of dishes based on broccoli+ INFO18 January 2020, h: 14:00Torbole-NagoPorto di Torbole Hospitality The most complete Italian trade fair dedicated to the hospitality and catering sector+ INFOFrom 2 February 2020 To 5 February 2020, Sunday>Tuesday 10am>6pm - Wednesday 10am>5pmRiva del GardaQuartiere fieristico, via Baltera€ 25,00 - Free for children up to 11 years FSA BIKE Festival Garda Trentino Spectacular side events in idyllic settings, great MTB routes and cool parties make this event ...+ INFOFrom 1 May 2020 To 3 May 2020, Friday 10am>7pm / Saturday 10am>10.30pm / Sunday 10am>4pmRiva del GardaPalazzo dei Congressi Arcobonsai 2020 National Convention on Bonsai Science and Technique, local gardening market, exhibition and more+ INFOFrom 1 May 2020 To 3 May 2020, 9 am > 7 pmArcoCasinò and Viale delle Palme Fairy tale night - Puss in Boots Four days big fête in Riva del Garda with music and entertainment, plays, markets, tales and ...+ INFOFrom 27 August 2020 To 30 August 2020, 9.30 am > 12 pmRiva del GardaTown centre